NS1.WESH.CO.UK - Server failiure

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear All

Tonight, our own server suffered a major hardware system failiure, resulting in 60 minutes downtime. We currently believe this was due to a systemboard failiure in the server, and so a backup server was brought online immediately and the entire hard drive array, and RAID controller were transferred into the backup server and then brought back online.

Booting the server did however take a little longer than normal due to the ungraceful crash caused by the hardware failiure, but this has proved that our system of keeping backup servers on-hand, does and will get a failed server back on-line within 60 minutes.

This also demonstrates the reason for us having 3 name servers running 24/7, so that should 1 fail, there are still 2 more running at all times, along with our entire DNS clustered network :-)

We do apologise for this outage, and lack of access to our website during this time.

Kind regards

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