WEB002 & WEB003 Replacements

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear All

Starting today we are now undertaking the replacements for both WEB002 and WEB003 which are being replaced with extremely high end servers of more than double the power of WEB002 and WEB003, which are already very high spec servers.

These new servers are already racked up and ready to go and we have already begun the process of transferring clients websites to these new servers.

We are aiming to complete these works by the end of August or during Sepetember, allowing room for customers websites to be updated if need be to ensure compatability with PHP5.3.2+

These new servers are 64bit servers with 8GB ram minimum and are all running the disk arrays as RAID10 instead of the already proven RAID5.

Over the next 18+ months even more servers will be replaced with these exceedingly high spec servers.

We will of course be liasing with every customer throughout the transitions where needed to make things as smooth as possible, and with Virgin Medias planned works to increase network speeds to 400mbps, our servers and network and our capacity management will easily keep up with this type of expansion across the UK.

If there are any questions regarding these works then please do ask us anytime.

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