25% Off the VAT

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear All

Our prices have now been adjusted and have been lowered in accordance with our graduated price reductions throughout 2010.

SWH-0 is now £34.50
SWH-1 is now £46.00
SWH-2 is now £81.75
SWH-3 is now £115.50
SWH-4 is now £150.00
SWH-5 is now £184.75
SWH-6 is now £288.75
SWH-7 is now £462.00
SWH-8 is now £635.00

Our next price reduction will be in 3 months time (May) when we will be taking off another 25% of the VAT from all annual renewals.

Many thanks.

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