Graduated price reductions

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear all

2010 is the year of good news for everybody because starting from February, we will be introducing graduated price reductions throughout 2010 so that by the end of 2010, all shared hosting packages with annual billing cycles will be "inclusive" of VAT instead of "Exclusive".

We shall be gradually reducing the prices of the annual billing cycle by 25% of the difference, per-quarter so for example:

Our 100mb package is currently
£48+vat = £56.40

Our new price by the end of 2010
££40.85 +vat = £48

This gives a price reduction of £2 per quarter for the whole of 2010 for the SWH1 shared hosting paid for annually.

The same calculations will be applied across the board to all shared hosting plans, but only for annual billing cycles.

If anybody would like to switch to an annual billing cycle then please do let us know by support ticket and we shall change your billing cycle for you.

We hope this will be a positive step towards remaining competitive and keeping our long term customers happy, especially as a lot of you have been with us for more than 5+ years.

If this is confusing, then think of it this way:

Annual bill, minus the VAT. Whatever that difference is, split it into 4 and thats what will come off your bill each quarter for the rest of 2010. So if your bill was £100, minus £15 VAT, then the £15 would be the difference giving you a reduction of £3.75 every quarter.

Many thanks

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