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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dear All

Please, READ THIS CAREFULLY because this is important because it contains blatent information that is NOT being read in any of the emails we send you, so this is an attempt to ask you all to please, read your emails.

Not to read them carefully, but to actually, just read them.

We want to point out several critical things that we hope all of you will keep in mind.

1. Reading emails

It has been noted that we are getting a LOT of customers who are receiving our emails from our system, then a few days later are calling us to ask why we have not replied to their response to it.

ALL of our system generated emails are automated, and ALL of them have in huge capital letters at the beginning and end of them that it is an automated email and says "DO NOT REPLY", at the top and bottom, first line and last line of the emails.

Well, we sincerely want to ask everybody, please, when you receive an email from us, please just take a moment to read it and follow what it says. If you have any problems then do 1 of 3 things:

A) Pickup the phone and call us
B) Login to your customer services client area and raise a support ticket
C) Login to MSN/Skype and ask us live if you dont want to phone us.

If an email says "DO NOT REPLY" its because its coming from an un-monitored mailbox which is used ONLY for the purpose of sending out mail using SMTP authentication to stop our emails being flagged as spam.

When we recently merged our billing and helpdesk into 1 place and 1 system, we set our system to use a real live mailbox to send out all emails to prevent a large amount of emails being missed due to spam filters blocking them.

This mailbox however is NOT monitored, it is set to auto-empty itself everyday should any auto-responders or spam arrive from customers computers and we do NOT check this at all, its automated.

In order to keep things very simple, please stick to using one of the 3 methods above as this means nobody has to depend on a sent email arriving because should you log a support ticket via our website, you can be assured we have received it and no other server has ever touched it.

Our support ticket's do send out an FYI notification but this should ONLY be treated as a polite notification that we have updated your ticket, its NOT an email ping-pong system, so please do not reply to it, like it says, just follow the link in the notification to update your ticket via our website.

We know this may sound somewhat patronising, but we truly do NOT want customers waiting days before calling us only to find that they have not read what their email notifications are telling them.

We also get a LOT of customers calliing asking "I got an email telling me my card payment has failed, what do I do, and why havent you replied to my email asking that a few days ago?"

Well, once again, please read the email because it tells you exactly what you need to do, and how to contact us if you have any problems or are simply not sure.

2. Setting your contact details:

This section is also important because if missed or done incorrectly, you will miss important things that affect the smooth running of your websites and/or domain names.

Every customer has only 1 place they need to maintain their critical important contact details, and thats within our customer services client area

What we do advise though is that customers please do NOT use your hosted email addresses as your primary contact email addresses. Believe it or not, this last 2 weeks alone, we have had over 60+ customers who have locked themselves out of their client area and cant login because they need to raise a support ticket to let us know their email is not working, thus they are stuck in a catch 22 loop of:

Cant get the login details without email working but cant get email working without the login details.

Now, if you DO find yourself in this situation, TELEPHONE US. Dont sit there getting annoyed, dont feel stressed, just call us on the phone. Unlike some other companies, were happy to talk to customers no matter what you need, not just for sales.

So, if you have used any email address whatsoever @ the domain name we host for you then please can you login asap and change/update your client area email address to something you are able to access regardless of what your website is doing, such as a hotmail, gmail or even your internet providers email address.

That way, if you do lock yourself out of your cpanel/webmail/email or forget your client area password, you can easily retreive it, get into your client area, then retreive your cpanel login so you can unlock your emails.

If in any way you feel any of our automated emails can be improved upon, more informative or worded better then please do let us know, as we have no idea what you think of them unless somebody tells us and we would love to make everything as fail safe and easy to follow as possible in what is already a reasonably complicated industry.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this then please do tell us, lets us know, talk to us as we simply want to improve and do things as clearly and simply as possible.

Best regards
All of us @ WESH UK

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