Debit card renewal payments

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dear all

Our payment gateway provider (ProtX) have informed us this week that the use of both Solo and Maestro debit cards are no longer allowed to be used for recurring payments (Continuous authorisations)

If you currently have either a Maestro or Solo card on file with us as your primary payment method for your services, you will need to log-in to our customer services and pay your invoices each month/year manually (With CVV numbers present)

Debit cards can still be used to pay your invoices manually, but cannot be used for automated payments any longer.

To make things easier for customers, we have been accepting standing order bank transfers since August last year and this is proving to be very useful for many customers, so if you would prefer to change your billing type to "Standing order" (Not direct debit) then please do let us know so we can change your billing method for you and provide you with our bank details so you can setup your standing order.

If you have any questions at all or would like any further clarification on how this might affect your account then again, please do raise a support ticket or telephone us asap so we can clarify the situation with you directly.

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