Changes to all hosting packages

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In order to prepare for the upcoming changes we will be implementing in the next few weeks, we have now made the following changes to all of our web hosting services.

Hosting package name changes..

Over the last 7 days we have been changing the names of all hosting packages so that they now start with SWH (Shared web hosting) and this change is now reflected in both your billing, and in your CPanel control panel. This change has been made to reduce the number of different types of hosting packages seen in our order forms, as all of our hosting will now be all PHP5 from April 2008.

Dedicated IP addresses

If you have a dedicated IP address with us, then this can now be found as an "addon" product to the hosting package it has been assigned to, and any new requests for IP addresses now can be ordered directly as an add-on product for a hosting package from within your billing account.

More disk space

All of our semi-dedicated packages have now been renamed to SWH-6/7/8 and have had the disk space allocation significantly increased to 1GB/2GB/3GB respectively. There is no extra charge for this and this change has already been completed.

New payment cards

Just in case your interested, we now also accept American express cards too.

New addon products for existing services

Google site map service

As part of our service to ensure you succeed, we have now also introduced a Google site map creation and submission service which can be ordered as a one off, or on a monthly basis. This is a great proven method to ensure your web site is fully indexed as much as possible by Google by actually telling Google where all your pages are, and that they should begin indexing your web site within a matter of hours.

Google site maps can save months of waiting over the normal free URL submission that Google accept, and as part of this, we will also send you a brief report detailing all or any broken URL's on your web site so that you can ensure they are fixed for Google to crawl them.

One off site maps are good for static web sites that never or rarely change while the monthly site maps are better for ecommerce stores and/or dynamic web sites where the content frequently changes and you want your pages listed in Google regularly as they change.

A Google site map can often be created within an hour and instantly uploaded to google for indexing, all for only £25 per site map.
This service can be ordered from within your existing billing account as an "addon" service to an existing web hosting package.

XCart shopping cart licences

Should you want an x-cart store or need new x-cart licence, this can now be purchased directly as an addon to the hosting package that it will be used with. Your licence will then be pasted into your addon for you, and the store can be installed for you the same day for only £110 (Licence + Installation)

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