Domain Name Price increases

Friday, October 7, 2022

Unfortunately, there are some upcoming price changes to the Domain Names we sell.

All of the domain names we provide are supported by various backend registries such as Verisign, Identity Digital and CentralNIC.

Over the summer, these registries increased their pricing across more than 200 TLDs.

This impacts the price all registrars must pay to register a domain name. This includes us.

We always aim to keep domain prices as low as possible. Especially as we have no shareholders or investors.

However, these price increases are compounded by the current USD exchange rate, and we are adjusting our pricing to reflect these latest changes.

The most popular TLDs impacted are .COM, .ORG, .INFO,  .CO and .ONLINE. Most prices will change by only £2/yr.

.CYMRU and .WALES will increase to £15, and continue to be sold at a loss, in line with all other registrars.

There will be no changes to any .UK domain names.

You can review the new pricing across all impacted TLDs on our website.

As always, our domain name prices can always be seen publicly here; Domain Name Prices

The new pricing will come into effect from 14th October 2022.

There are no hidden charges at WESH UK, and all of our renewal prices match our registration price.

Please let us know if you would like to arrange an early renewal to beat the price rise. We can bill you in advance for however many years you would like.

Yours Sincerely

All of us at WESH UK

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