Termination of Direct Debit Payments

Friday, August 26, 2022

Unfortunately, taking payments by Direct Debit is proving to be very problematic.

This is due to the extremely slow payment settlements provided by GoCardless, and their unacceptable levels of support with the faults in their systems.

Now that the problems with card payments have been corrected and clients' banks are now using the new Stong Customer Authentication systems properly, we can simply revert back to card payments for everything.

This will mean invoices being settled immediately and not within the 8 to 12 days it takes GoCardless to settle an invoice.

We have tried so hard, so many times to work with them and resolve so many of the issues they have caused, but sadly, their support staff are woefully untrained, and their service is not stable nor fast enough to work with.

We stopped accepting any new Direct Debit signups in July, and we will cancel all direct debits and return clients to card payments by the middle of September.

All invoices due by the 1st of October will need to be settled by card payments only.

We're really sorry for the aggravation this has caused this year, but GoCardless is proving to increase costs and delays rather than reduce them, as they had initially promised.

If you receive an email from GoCardless to let you know that we have cancelled your Direct Debit, this is not a fake nor a phishing email, it is genuine as we have now cancelled every direct debit and ceased working with GoCardless.

The only thing you need to do is to pay your next invoice, online, just once and this will continue to debit future invoices.

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