X-Cart slow - SEO URL's broken (DSEFU)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dear x-cart customers

If you are currently experiencing problems with your store loading times where pages are taking 30 seconds or more to load, and your search engine friendly URL's are all broken, this is an issue with your DSEFU mod install.

The problem was actually caused by the fact that DSEFU is written in a way that it makes a callback to the safetynetweb licence server every single time your pages load, yet they have no backup of this, and no other servers.

So, what you need to do now, is contact safetynetweb.com asap and ask them to fix your mod pronto, this is why your pages load slow, and the SEO URL's are broken.

You can read all about this here: (Login to read)

It was caused by an explosion at "the planet" datacentre in the USA which you can read about here: http://service-update.theplanet.com/

Anyway, sadly there is nothing we can do to asist with this as it relies 100% on the staff at safetynetweb.com and is in no way a problem with your web hosting accounts with us, and is not a problem with our networks.

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