Nominet .UK Domain notices

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

You may have recently received an email from Nominet (Governing body for all UK Domain names) regarding a .UK version of your domain name.

This email IS from Nominet and it is NOT a scam, nor is a phishing email.

They are simply letting you know that because you already have a or a domain name, your rights to purchase the .UK version of your name are about to expire on June 25th.

If you DO want to purchase the .UK version of your domain name you have until the 25th to secure it, however, you MUST ensure that your existing domain registrant records are up-to-date and that they match your registration details exactly, otherwise any attempt to register your .UK will fail.

Even down to spaces and commas in your address will cause the registration to fail as they are checked by an automated system for a 100% perfect match.

So far, EVERY single attempt to purchase a .UK has failed due to customers using different details that do not match the existing or domain names.

We cannot stress enough that you MUST make sure the existing records for your domain name are accurate and that you use those exact same details when registering your .UK.

Also, if your or name is not registered with us, we can NOT help you to sort this out, however if you wish to transfer your domain to us and then let us assist you with getting your .UK then simply order a transfer of your existing or name here:

(UK Domains do not have an Authorization code)

After the 25th of June, is it highly anticipated that there will be a LOT of rogue .UK registrations of existing and websites, and thus a lot of phishing and scam emails being sent out claiming to be from the websites of the original domain holders, and due to the .UK domain name being so similar to, it will be very difficut for people to realise or even spot the difference, or they will simply be registered by domain sharks who then pester you to purchase the domain name back from them for highly inflated prices.

If you have any questions or issues then please do let us know. Sooner the better.

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