Brexit impact on UK .EU registrants

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

EurID, the .EU registry, has released details on how it will handle this transition. The exact timeline will depend on how Brexit proceeds, and EurID has provided details for each possible scenario. In the event of a “hard Brexit,” the registry will contact registrants as early as March 23, 2019.

Unless a Brexit deal that contains specific provisions for .EU domains is reached, the transition will work as follows:

  1. The registry will contact affected registrants to inform them that they no longer meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. To hold onto their domain(s), registrants will need to satisfy the eligibility requirements:
  • For organizations, this would involve indicating a legally established entity in one of the eligible EU27 or EEA Member States.
  • For individuals, this would involve updating their residence to a physical address located in one of the EU27 or EEA Member States.
  1. Eventually, .EU domains that no longer meet the requirements will be placed in “Withdrawn” status — they will no longer resolve and any associated services will not function.
  • At this point, registrants may still update their information to meet the eligibility requirements.

Finally, all non-eligible domains in Withdrawn status will be deleted and made available for registration.

Keep an eye out for more info from EurID and ensure your domain contact details are up-to-date.

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