New Servers with PHP v7.1 and Free SSL

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dear All

You should by now have all received a notification regarding our newest servers and their specifications.

PHP v7.1

This is the latest standard in PHP coding, and is something your website should be aiming for.

PHP v5.5 was phased out over a year ago and PHPv5.6 will be end of life in Jan 2019, whereas PHPv7 began in Jan 2016, some 20 months ago, so should now be the version you aim for with both new projects and in upgrading existing websites.

There does appear to be huge performance benefits from PHPv7+ too, as well as new features, so it has a lot going for it.

FREE SSL Certificates

These are now available on all brand new servers, of which we are finalising the transfers for the last few remaining servers this month (Sept 2017), and so far, every customer has had notice that we intend to move your website, so please look over that email and drop us in a support ticket OR give us a phone call if you are not sure what it means, or if it will have any impact on your website.

We're always happy to discuss these things.

This should set everybody up for a smooth and hassle free christmas, and a speedy headache free 2018 too.

Best Regards // WESH UK

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