Affiliates and commission

Becoming an affiliate with us is extremely simple. From within your client area here, you will find an item on the menu above called "Affiliates" where you can activate yourself as an affiliate.

Client login

Upon activating yourself, our system will then generate a unique URL for you to use and a specific piece of code for you to use for the link that you can either place on web pages or within emails, for others to click on.

Our affiliate payout structure is one of the following:

  • You will earn: 50% of a NEW customers first invoice if they choose to pay annually
  • You will earn 100% of a NEW customers first invoice if they pay monthly.

It should be noted that we ONLY pay out affiliates for NEW customer sign-ups only, and NOT any subsequent additional sign-ups by existing customers, as this could obviously lead to a situation where 2 people who know each other could simply purchase all their hosting at 50% discount, and leave us with 50% less money for providing the same level of service, and with no additional customers to show for it.

All commissions will be paid out upon request, and after 45 days from your new customers sign-up has passed. If you wish to discuss bigger levels of sign-ups in return for direct payments then please do contact us as we will be happy to arrange alternative payment methods.

Some of our customers even make an excellent full time living from it, and so can you if you signed up as few as 3 x 1 Slice packages a day.

Affiliate withdrawal requests will ONLY be honoured so long as the referral customer is still a customer at the time of withdrawal request. Affiliate commissions earned where referrals are no longer customers will be refused. Our system will keep adding up all commissions generated from your affiliate link, but the validity of those commissions will be checked when a withdrawal request is submitted.

So, if your referral is no longer a customer, this commission will be removed. In layman's terms, were a business, and were not here to pay out for customers we don't have or for not getting any new customers. If you bring NEW customers and they stay, then we will gladly pay you for it :-)

Review the status of your affiliates anytime from your client area, as once activated, you will be presented with this screen:

Affiliate status screen
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