Wordpress minimum security requirements

Dear all Important WordPress Notification - Please read ALL of this if using WordPress. Because of how awesome and popular WordPress is, we now need to insist that you MUST install and use the security plugin Wordfence. (With live traffic disabled) If you are using WordPress anywhere in your hosting plans, you MUST install and ... Read More »

14th Feb 2017
SWH46 Replacement - Action required!

We have now moved EVERY website off SWH46 and onto its new server (One of our latest PHP7 servers with the latest security features) so please BE ALERT and lookout for an email from us to let you know about need to update your email incoming and outgoing server ASAP, BEFORE opening any support tickets to tell us your email is not working!

21st Nov 2016
Update your card details immediately.

Just to let you know, we did indeed just email you to let you know that you need to update your card details on our website ASAP to prevent any problems with your ongoing services or domain name renewals.To avoid any possibility of fake fraud emails, we will always email you FIRST, then confirm it immediately afterwards, both here and on our ... Read More »

17th Nov 2016
PHPv7 Servers

Dear all

Our latest servers that are now online are running PHP v7, so if you would like to have your account switched to a brand new PHP v7 server, please raise a support ticket and let us know a suitable time for you to have your site moved.

17th Nov 2016
March 2016 - PHP v5.5 & PHP v5.6

Just to let you all know that we will be upgrading PHP on all servers at the end of March to PHP v5.5 with a few servers going to PHP v5.6

Any problems, please do let us know in advance.

29th Jan 2016
Emergency maintenance - this weekend

Dear allDue to some emergency maintenance requirements at network level, it is critical for us to carry out some emergency maintenance this weekend.This may result in 2 short periods of possible downtime during our work, which will be carried out during:Friday night: 22:00 > 05:00Saturday night: 22:00 > 05:00Although we have scheduled 2 ... Read More »

3rd Sep 2015
Exchange 2003 - End of life

In case you have not heard, it's less than 2 weeks until Microsoft will no longer offer security updates, support or technical content updates for Windows Server 2003.Windows Server 2003 has been a trusted ally for over a decade for many SMEs. However the business world has changed dramatically in the past 10 years and because the software is ... Read More »

6th Jul 2015
Microsoft Exchange hosted email changes

From the 18th of March we will be making some changes to the way we handle spam emails sent to your Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and those Microsoft Exchange mailboxes protected by our Email Security service.It's called 'Mail Server Profiling'.As you'll know, the battle to keep one step ahead of spammers is constantly evolving, and we're currently ... Read More »

1st Mar 2015
SSL for Email / FTP / cPanel

Critical update: We have now installed an official SSL for incoming and outgoing emails, FTP and cPanel. on every server. All customers should now adjust their emails and FTP to use SSL only, with the actual server name as the incoming and outgoing mail server or FTP hostname. You can find your server name in your cPanel, on the left in the ... Read More »

28th Jan 2015
.NET Price increase

this notice is to inform you of the upcoming .NET price increase and give you advance notice should you want to renew any names ahead of the price change.VeriSign, the Registry Operator for the .NET domain will be increasing its annual registration price by $0.61 USD.As a result WESH UK will pass on this price increase for this domain name ... Read More »

13th Jan 2015