Dear All

Just wanted to provide some details on the newly updated payment methods we are now accepting in order to clarify any possible confusion before it arise's and to ensure you have any questions answered before they even arise.

Payment by Bank Transfer / Standing order

This has been welcomed by many customers preferring to setup a standing order for hosting payments but many customers have not yet noticed that we have changed banks. If you would like to setup a standing order, or you already have a standing order setup from your bank to ours, then you will find our new bank details on your latest invoice (Online) simply by selecting "Bank transfer" as the payment method directly on the invoice itself.

Bank transfer payments do need to reach us on or before the invoice due date so please dont setup your standing order to be paid out on the due date as it will just arrive with us at least 3 or 4 days late. 

If you have any problems with this at all then as normal, please do let us know by raising a support ticket.

Payment by Cheque

If you have previously paid by cheque and still wish to continue to pay by cheque then this is fine but please do note the we moved offices in April 2007 and you really must NOT send cheques to our old address as they will no longer be received from 01/11/2007.

Cheques also need to reach us in time for them to clear, so please post your cheque at least 1 week before your invoice is due.

Payment by Credit and Debit cards

We have now "tentatively" resolved the issue with automated card payments so if you are now receiving emails to tell you that you have a card payment that has failed, you will need to login to our billing and click on the "view invoice" of the overdue invoice located on the main login page and choose to pay the invoice manually, or please contact us if you would like help with the payment process.

If anything we have mentioned above is a little confusing or you are not sure about anything at all, please please contact us via our support tickets or telephone us and ask, the only silly questions are the ones that were never asked.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

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